FOX KRBK is proud to be the home for FOX and Me-TV in Springfield and The Ozarks, and we understand you probably have questions about what this means for your favorite TV shows.

For Technical or Signal Related questions, please visit our Reception Help Page.

Where can I find FOX KRBK on Cable or Satellite?
American Broadband         SD-5

ATT Uverse                       SD-5 HD-5

Cable America                  SD-5 HD-505

Cablevision                       SD-4

Charter                              SD-4 HD-784

Cobridge                            SD-9

COX                                   SD-5 HD-2005

DIRECT TV                        SD-5 HD-5

DISH Network                    SD-5 HD-5

Fidelity                               SD-11 HD-19

Mediacom                          SD-10 HD-710

Windstream                       SD-10

Provincial                           SD-5

Sudden Link:                     SD-10 HD-710

Sudden Link Branson        SD-11 HD-704

Sudden Link Aurora/Monett          SD-9 HD-704

How do I submit a story idea to FOX KRBK?
If you have an idea for our news team, please submit it to If you have a special event you would like to see featured on the air or on our community calendar, email it to While we cannot promise that every suggestion will be used, we will do our best to follow up on all submissions.

Why advertise on FOX KRBK?
Television is powerful. The average adult spends 253 minutes per day watching television?* That equals 4 hours and 13 minutes per day! That time an adult spends with television exceeds the combined total time spent with other media: Radio: 128 minutes, Internet: 45 minutes, Newspapers: 30 minutes and Magazines: 19 minutes. According to a study by *Bruskin/Audits & Surveys Worldwide 2000, "the public perceives television as the most influential, authoritative, exciting and persuasive advertising medium." In addition, this study showed that "television was the medium where consumers were most likely to learn about products." Get in touch with the FOX KRBK Sales team to learn how your business can benefit from advertising on our station.

I’m interested in working for FOX KRBK, how do I apply?
FOX KRBK is interested in hearing from you, whether you are a seasoned broadcast media veteran, or a newcomer to the industry. Interested applicants should visit our Jobs page.